Falcons Draw Third Crowd Over 11,000

Fresno had a crowd of 11,094 for its game on March 20, its third crowd of the season over 11,000, and Las Vegas drew a season-high of 7,242 on March 20 as the ECHL saw its attendance grow for the 12th straight week. The ECHL is averaging 3,866, over five percent above its average of 3,672 for the first 23 weeks of 2002-03, and three percent ahead of its season-ending average of 3,750.

It was the third crowd over 11,000 for Fresno, which had 12,462 for its season opener on November 16 and 11,224 on January 17, as the Falcons raised their average attendance to 4,764. It marked the sixth time that the ECHL has drawn a crowd of over 10,000 in 2003-04. Combined with a crowd of 6,986 on Friday, Las Vegas raised its attendance to 4,917.

Trenton drew 25,601 for four games against Northern Division rivals Peoria, Reading and Atlantic City to raise its attendance to 4,931. Augusta drew 12,515 for three games, including a season-high crowd of 5,383 on March 20, to raise its attendance to 2,930. Florida raised its league-leading average attendance to 6,170 and its league-high total attendance to 209,804, marking the sixth time in its six-year history that it has drawn over 200,000.

There have been 36 sellout crowds in the ECHL in 2003-04 and 14 different teams have had a sellout led by Idaho which has a league-high nine sellouts. The ECHL has drawn over 3.9 million for the sixth time in its history and at its current average attendance will draw 4,314,456 for its 1,116 regular season games.