Fans Learn About Hockey At Snakes’ Radio Show

By Christa Turner
Staff Writer
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Each program starts and ends the same way.

The Columbus Cottonmouths fans cheer of “Go Snakes, Go Snakes, Go Snakes Go,” reverberates around the room as radio announcer Mike Vee signs on and off his weekly radio talk show with Cottonmouths coach Bruce Garber.

In between, fans tune in their ears to get the low-down on their favorite team. Each Monday night, Cottonmouths fans trek to various locales in Columbus not only hear the radio broadcast, but to see Vee, Garber and various Cottonmouths players.

It’s a ritual for some, setting the tone for a Cottonmouth-filled week. Not only do they hear the inside scoop on the team, they have the chance to see and interact with the players — something you can’t always do at a game.A chat with the fans at a recent broadcast at The Sports Page revealed two things: Knowledge and camaraderie are the driving forces behind fans gathering for the show.

They want to learn more about the team and the game of hockey, but they could do that at home, listening over the radio. Instead, they choose to hang out with other fans and enjoy the above-mentioned extras.”All the people here are regulars,” said Snakes fan Bea Paggi. “Its’ a chance to meet the players and get the scoop.”

Added Wanda Stephens, “It makes you feel a part of the team because you meet the players and list to Coach about what goes on.”

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