Finals Game 6 Is B2 Networks
Most-Watched Game

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL announced on Friday that Game 6 of the Kelly Cup Finals on Wednesday was the most-watched hockey game in the history of B2 Networks.

The finals were the most watched playoff series carried by B2 Networks, which for the second year in a row allowed fans around the globe to watch the run to the Kelly Cup. The Kelly Cup Playoffs had more connections than any other hockey playoff series in B2 Networks history and had the most viewers of any league in the postseason.

There were 19 teams in the ECHL who had their games available on B2 Networks in 2004-05 and over 15,000 subscribers around the world watched the Premier “AA” Hockey League on B2 Networks during the regular season. The first hockey game ever broadcast by B2 Networks was a Las Vegas Wranglers game in February 2004 and the first hockey championship broadcast by B2 Networks was the 2004 Kelly Cup Playoffs.

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