Forbes, Grizzlies Enjoy Life On The Road

By Maggie Thach
The Salt Lake Tribune

Ian Forbes always looks forward to this trip.

The Utah Grizzlies defenseman loves the break from the snow and the fact that instead of being surrounded by mountains, like he is in Utah, he is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

And getting to enjoy a full day in Victoria, British Columbia, without worrying about hockey makes it even better.

“Victoria is an amazing city,” Forbes said. “Guys get out and don’t have to worry about the game that night. Everything is in walking distance and you can just be away from the rink, have a beer or two and just gel and mesh as a team.”

Unlike other Utah professional teams, the Grizzlies enjoy playing on the road – they actually have thrived on it. And, when the rare opportunity comes up when Utah has an off-day in between away games, they take full advantage, like they did Thursday in Victoria.

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