Former Buckeye Anderson
Making Difference For Bombers

By Debbie Juniewicz
Staff Writer
Dayton Daily News

DAYTON, Ohio – Sight unseen, Don MacAdam took a chance on Bryce Anderson. It’s paying off.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound forward, who recently wrapped up his collegiate career at Ohio State, signed with the Dayton Bombers less than a week ago. In three games, Anderson has two assists for the second-place ECHL team.

“He came highly recommended by his coach, but we see a lot of guys who were great in college but are a bust in the pros,” MacAdam said. “But with Bryce, we were told he was an excellent skater, and he is.”

The Iowa native played four years with the Buckeyes, tallying 46 points, 19 goals and 27 assists in 141 games. He was named the Buckeyes Most Improved Player in 2004 and was a three-time OSU scholar athlete.

“He’s a big body that can skate and he’s definitely making a difference,” MacAdam said.