Former ECHL Defenseman Fahey Wants
To Bring AHL Title Back Home To Chicago

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

Bringing a Calder Cup to Chicago is far more than a professional ambition for Wolves defenseman Brian Fahey, who played in the ECHL each of his first two seasons.

It’s also a point of personal pride, one with roots that extend back several years.

Fahey is from Glenview, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. During his early teen years and through his junior days, he was an avid Wolves backer. As a player with the team, he’s been a leader in community appearances.

“Being my home and playing in front of my friends, it gives it added incentive,” Fahey said of returning the Cup to Chicago. “To be able to play a sport for a job is one thing. To be able to play a sport in your hometown is a bonus.”

It’s a perk made even sweeter by the bumpy route that brought Fahey, 27, home again.

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