Former ECHL Player Moore, Family
Feeling Impact Of Katrina

This article was originally posted October 20, 2005 on the Professional Hockey Players’ Association web site.

By Larry Landon
Executive Director
Professional Hockey Players’ Association

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario – As I am certain you are all aware, the real impact of Hurricane Katrina’s force to the Gulf Region, while yet unknown, is sure to be worsened by Hurricane Rita. We are hearing more and more stories of the number of lives that have been impacted by Mother Nature’s reign of destruction in this area, some of them hitting closer to home than others.

A former employee of the PHPA – Dean Moore – and his family have been hit very hard by the storm, leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. To complicate matters, Dean left the Association to pursue a second dream in life – he wanted to be a police officer. With Dean’s wife being from New Orleans, and Dean having played hockey in the Big Easy, he was successful in securing employment with the New Orleans Police Department. The attached article underlines the unbearable challenges being faced by Dean and his fellow officers.

We are very concerned with the ability of the Moore family to bounce back from such a horrific experience, particularly in light of the fact that Dean’s wife, Christy, is six (6) months pregnant with their third child. Until Rita’s mandatory evacuation, she was living with twelve (12) family members in a relative’s home in Houston. As such, Dean’s family have now been evacuated for the second time within a month, and are on the road seeking shelter, while he continues to work under horrific conditions in New Orleans as a Police Officer.

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