Former Steelhead Peters
Making Impact With Calgary

By Vicki Hall
Calgary Herald

The trail of scars on Warren Peters‘ face serves as a hockey roadmap from the neighbourhood rinks in Saskatoon to the Stanley Cup playoffs at the United Center.

With pit stops in Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska–to name but a few.

“I’ve had some bad ones from the last few years in the minors, but that’s just part of the game,” the Calgary Flames centre said, running his index finger down his marked cheek. “It’s just part of the role I get to play.

“Hopefully, at some point in time, I’ll get them fixed.”

Not if he has designs on starring in a beer commercial. And Peters, 26, is a real-life embodiment of the childhood dream harboured by every hockey-obsessed male blessed with more heart than natural ability.

“He’s pretty gritty,” said Calgary sniper Michael Cammalleri. “He’s inspiring. He provides good energy for our team. He fights big fights. Makes big hits. He just brings a really determined effort.

“You can never have enough guys with that kind of attitude.”

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