Getting To Know Jarrod Ragusin

Jarrod Ragusin, who is in his second season as a full-time referee in the ECHL, recently answered a series of questions for

Last season was your first as a full-time referee in the ECHL, what would you say is the biggest difference for you at this point compared to last year?

I would say a familiarity with coaches, players, arenas and the professional game. From this comes a level of comfort which allows you to be confident each and every night.

You live in an apartment in California, how is getting up and being able to put shorts on in November?

It’s nice to be able play golf year-round that’s for sure.

You are from the Chicago area, tell us what your hometown is like?

I’m from the northwest suburbs. Woodstock, Ill. is a small, quiet town where just about everyone knows everyone. It was a good place to grow up and I’m proud to call it home.

Being a Chicago native, are you Northside or Southside? And do you think the Cubs will ever win a World Series in your lifetime?

Without question Northside. My second favorite baseball team is whoever is playing the White Sox! The Cubs better win a World Series in my lifetime, but I’d take the Blackhawks winning the cup first though.

What type of music is on your iPod?

I really have been into the blues lately so a lot of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and guys like that. In the gym or before a game though it’s usually some rap … Akon or Lil Wayne.

What is a “normal” game day like, and what would you eat as a pregame meal?

Game day I usually try to get up and eat a small breakfast and work out a bit in the morning. For a pregame meal, I’d say chicken and pasta if I’m at home or Subway on the road.

Who has been the biggest influence in your officiating career? Scott Brand and everyone at USA Hockey have been great.

Who would be the one person in this world that you would like to meet?

Tiger Woods.

You wear # 28. Is there a reason you wear that number or was that just given to you?

No it was just given to me. If I had it my way I’d be 14.

Q: What is your favorite hobby away from the ice rink?

In the summer, I like to golf and do a little cycling but in the winter I really like to ski whenever I get a chance.