Gulutzan Believes Actions Speak Loudest

By Rob Miech
Las Vegas Sun

LAS VEGAS – Wranglers coach and general manager Glen Gulutzan has never been into self-promotion or pumping his accomplishments.

Your play speaks for itself. It did when he played and that’s his motto with his Las Vegas players. Results are what matter.

But after becoming the first ECHL coach to guide a team to three consecutive 100-point seasons in the 20-year-old league, Gulutzan is still in Las Vegas.

The only boss the six-year-old team has ever known will be selecting the starting six and giving the intermission talks on Thursday when Las Vegas plays its home opener against Ontario at the Orleans Arena.

He might have moved on if his interviews with two National Hockey League organizations, about coaching their American Hockey League clubs, had gone better.

The AHL, a step below the NHL, is a notch above the ECHL.

“You try to be yourself,” Gulutzan said. “That’s what everyone told me. Hey, maybe next time I’ll do a better job selling myself. It’s not in my nature. At some point, you have to do that.”

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