Gwinnett’s Paris Makes His
Points On The Ice

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

There’s a reason Gwinnett rookie defenseman Drew Paris prefers to lead by actions rather than words. A little pregame chalk talk earlier this season showed why.

Gladiators coach Jeff Pyle once in a while gives a very condensed scouting report on that night’s opponent to one of his players. He then asks the player to pass along the word to teammates, figuring it might sink in coming from a peer.

So that’s exactly what Paris did when he was tabbed for the task, walking into the room and then loudly announcing a couple of Xs and Os. The rest of the Gladiators might as well have been listening through Greek translation headphones for as much as they absorbed the message. They instead were stunned that Paris, the keep-your-head-down type, had popped up to toss in two or three cents of his own.

“That was kind of funny. I guess I’m quiet. I don’t talk much,” said Paris, 21. “The guys kind of laughed. It sounded like I was being a robot, saying what I was told to say. If it gives the boys some laughs, it was worth it.”

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