How Does The ECHL Break Ties?

If Two Teams Tie

1. Wins, regular season
2. Points, head-to-head
3. Wins, head-to-head
4. Goal differential, head-to-head
5. Winning percentage, division (if tied teams are from same division; if not, skip to 6)
6. Winning percentage, conference
7. Goals for, regular season
8. Goals against, regular season
9. Coin toss

If Three or More Teams Tie

Note: When two teams remain after third or other teams are eliminated during any step below, the tiebreaker reverts to Step 1 of the two-team format.

1. Wins, regular season
2. Winning percentage, games between the teams
3. Goal differential, games between the teams
4. Winning percentage, division
5. Winning percentage, conference
6. Goals for, regular season
7. Goals against, regular season
8. Coin toss