Hunter’s Hockey Dream Leads To Las Vegas

By Rob Miech
Las Vegas Sun

LAS VEGAS – The five Hunter boys unanimously decided to quit playing hockey a year ago to help their sick father with the family’s 11,000-acre farm in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.

Planting wheat, peas and lentils, maintaining combines and other machines, hauling grain, shoveling bins, picking rocks and spraying chemicals — among other chores — demanded 18 hours a day.

Before reporting to Las Vegas to try out for the Wranglers, who opened camp Friday morning at the Las Vegas Ice Center, Luke Hunter again was called home by his father, Lorne.

“I got there at 10:30 at night, we worked until 1:30 in the morning and then I rose at 5:30 a.m.,” Luke Hunter said. “We didn’t finish until 3:30 in the morning. It’s harvest time. It’s a full-time job. A lot of hands are required.”

A year ago, Luke and his brothers didn’t pause in deciding to hang up their ice skates for the season.

“We figured it was best to support the family at that time,” said Hunter, 23. “Family comes first, above and beyond anything else in life. When all else fails, you know your family will stand behind you.”

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