Ice Installed In Reign’s Rink

By Liset Marquez
Staff Writer
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

ONTARIO, Calif. – In less than 20 days, Citizens Business Bank Arena will be filled with thousands of people watching the Ontario Reign minor- league hockey team take center stage.

But on Sunday a crew of 10 worked on building up the ice on the arena floor.

The conversion crew began making the ice at 8 Sunday morning, and they are not expected to finish until late tonight, said Chris Berg, director of operations for the arena.

It will take about 48 hours to make the ice and paint the logos, said Steve Eckerson, general manager of the arena.

Work on the ice actually began Saturday, Berg said. Below the concrete of the rink is about 13.5 miles of pipe for the ice floor system. Inside the pipes is a solution that lowers the temperature of the ground. On Saturday, the temperature was turned down so that the crews could make the ice, Berg said.

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