Ice Pilots Begin Second Season Thursday

By Jeremy Berger
Pensacola News Journal

PENSACOLA, Fla. – The 51 victories, 107 points and the Brabham Cup must be forgotten.

The Pensacola Ice Pilots must savor their regular-season accomplishments at a later date. The freshly imprinted memories cannot be enjoyed because the story is only halfway finished.

There still is work to be done.

The Ice Pilots’ quest for the Kelly Cup begins at 7:05 Thursday at the Civic Center. The Greenville Grrrowl comes here for Game 1 of the best-of-five first-round series.

The top-seeded Ice Pilots rightfully should be considered heavy favorites based on their regular-season play; however, the playoffs offer a cruel twist of fate every year: The best team doesn’t always win.

Let the real madness begin.

“The game changes a lot,” Pensacola coach Dave Farrish said. “Everyone in hockey knows the nature of the beast. There are upsets every year. The first round is the toughest one. You must be prepared physically and mentally. All year, teams have tried to knock us down, and we’ve stood tall and weathered the storm and found a way to win.”

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