Idaho’s Barlow Brings
Farmer’s Mindset To Hockey

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

Hockey players and farmers always find some extra work to do. Which is why it made perfect sense that during what was supposed to be a break from his sport last week, Idaho rookie forward Evan Barlow was clearing off snow from a pond on his farm.

Barlow got out his snow blower and did battle with a foot of the white stuff that had accumulated on the rink-to-be at his family’s 5,000-acre grain and cattle plot in Strathmore, Alberta. A couple hours later, it was ready for some pickup hockey.

”The family’s getting in tomorrow. We have all ages out there, from 5 years old to 50,” he said. ”That’s the way of life here. I still get challenged out there, don’t worry. It (his status as a pro) pushes them harder.”

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