Kelly Cup Playoff Rosters Due March 31

2003 Kelly Cup Playoff rosters must be submitted to the East Coast Hockey League Office by 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 31. Playoff rosters will consist of up to 20 active players and may include more than two goaltenders.

Teams must also submit a list of all players on injured reserve going into the playoffs. The injured reserve will be handled the same as the regular season.

For any professional player or former professional player, including goaltenders, to be named to a team’s playoff roster, he must have played (taken at least one shift on the ice) in five ECHL regular-season games.

Players on recall to the National Hockey League or the American Hockey League at the playoff roster deadline must be named to a team’s 20-man active playoff roster to be eligible to play in the postseason. If a player is still on recall to the NHL or the AHL when the playoffs begin, a team may move the player from its active roster and replace him with a player that has been assigned from the NHL or the AHL or with a player from its injured reserve list whose time has been fully served.

If a goaltender is lost during the playoffs to injury or recall, the team will be permitted to add an emergency backup goaltender. To add an emergency backup goaltender, the team’s active roster may not exceed 19 players. The emergency backup goaltender may come from juniors, college or senior leagues or any other non-professional hockey league.

Because of reciprocal agreements, teams in the ECHL are prevented from signing players from the Central Hockey League, the United Hockey League, and the West Coast Hockey League.

Players on a team’s 20-man active roster at the end of the regular season that are not listed on the team’s playoff roster will become free agents for 2003-04.