Las Vegas Wins Souvenir
Program Of The Year Award

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL on Tuesday announced that the game program of the Las Vegas Wranglers has been chosen as the inaugural winner of the ECHL Souvenir Program of the Year.

The Wranglers received their award at the annual ECHL Marketing and Communications Meetings, which were held June 6-8 in Las Vegas and attended by more than 160 representatives from ECHL teams.

The Las Vegas program was a team effort of Vice President/COO Billy Johnson, Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations Josh Fisher, Director of Corporate Services Michael Delay, Media Relations Assistant and Account Executive Paul Sansone, Account Executive Joe Stills and Executive Assistant to the Vice President Juli Balding.

The Wranglers worked in conjunction with Graphics West on the layout and design of the program while the editorial content was created by Fisher and Delay with assistance from Sansone and Stills.

The 64-page program was printed by Graphics West, which has provided the highest quality prepress, printing, and special finishing services to Las Vegas businesses since 1977.