Life Is ‘Biscuits’ and Hockey Gravy for Men O’ War’s Joe Vandermeer, Five Brothers

By Mark Maloney
Staff Writer
Lexington Herald-Leader

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Bob and Maureen Vandermeer have enough sons to put a hockey team on ice.

If only they had a goalie.

They had one once.

Joe Vandermeer, then a Tiny Mite goalie and now a Lexington Men O’ War defenseman, succumbed to the lure of scoring goals.

“A great net-minder, just a natural,” said Bob, who coached all his sons during their early years. “He played there for a couple years and he was almost unbeatable.”

Until, against a soft team, the coach yielded to a player’s request to play goal.

Joe “skated out” the day at forward. He had eight goals.

“Then when we wanted him to go back in net against some tougher competition, he just pouted like hell,” Bob said. “He’d stand there in net. You know how a scarecrow stands? He just stands there like a scarecrow.

“When somebody’d come in on a breakaway, he’d whip up his catching glove and stop the puck, throw it to the corner, and he’d just stand there like a scarecrow. He was just pouting like crazy.”

So father let son “skate out” the rest of his career.

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