Manitoba Roster Includes Many ECHL Players

By Adam Wazny
The Winnipeg Sun

It was just a coincidence the Manitoba Moose announced the signing of three new players to deals on the same day it was revealed a valuable winger would be lost for an extended period of time.

2003 ECHL Rookie of the Year and two-time ECHL All-Star Game starter Jason Jaffray‘s shoulder injury, a second degree separation thanks to a hit from Hershey’s Randy Robitaille last Sunday, puts Manitoba without its top goal scorer for about four weeks. Moose head coach Scott Arniel confirmed the healing timetable after practice yesterday, hoping the winger would find his way back sooner than that.

In the next breath, Arniel resigned himself to joke about the trickle down effect of Jaffray’s injury.

Trickle down effect? Try trickle-up effect — as in up from the ECHL.

The three new bodies out-fitted for AHL jerseys yesterday — Greg Rallo, Chris Durand, and Brandon’s Mark Derlago — push the number of Moose players under contract this season to the half century mark, a number so large it over-shadows any speculation about how Jaffray’s absence will impact the club.

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