Moose Say Returning Derlago To
Condors Is “Right Thing To Do”

By Tim Campbell
Winnipeg Free Press

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Moose GM Craig Heisinger hit a home run by signing rookie Mark Derlago last week. But in very next inning, Heisinger watched three strikes right down the middle.

The kid scored five points in his first four AHL games and fit very well on the team’s top line. Thursday, Heisinger sent him back to his ECHL team in Bakersfield, Calif.

Genius or fool?

The Moose GM, in his usual straightforward manner Thursday at Blue Cross Arena, was in no mood for a debate about the matter.

He said it came down to doing the right thing. Period.

“As far as the Mark Derlago situation goes, sometimes it’s not all about the Manitoba Moose,” the GM said. “Mark Derlago is not our player. He’s the Bakersfield Condors’ player and they’re in a fight for their lives. Their coach is in a fight for job security. They desperately need their player back.

“In this situation, we, as the Manitoba Moose organization, have to do business with ECHL teams and have done it ethically with those teams and we need to continue to do that down the road.

“In the big picture, sending Mark Derlago back to the Bakersfield Condors for this weekend is the right thing to do. Did we want to do it? Absolutely not. But when they take the time to call to say they need arguably their best guy back for their three most important games of the season, I can’t tell them no. It wouldn’t be right.”

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