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ECHL Transactions - March 20

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, March 20, 2021:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):


South Carolina: 

Casey Johnson, D





Add        Hayden Hawkey, G            signed contract, added to active roster [3/19]



Add        Chris Carlisle, D                activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Jesse Schultz, F                 activated from reserve

Delete    Karch Bachman, F             placed on reserve

Delete    Chris Carlisle, D                suspended by team, removed from roster



Add        Anthony Wyse, D              activated from reserve

Delete    Tim Shoup, D                     placed on reserve


Kansas City:      

Add        Brendan Robbins, F           activated from reserve

Delete    Luke Bafia, D                    placed on reserve



Add        Luke McInnis, D                activated from reserve

Add        Zack Andrusiak, F             activated from reserve

Delete    Mark Auk, D                      placed on reserve

Delete    Jake Coughler, F                placed on reserve

Delete    Chaz Reddekopp, D           placed on reserve

Delete    Johno May, F                     suspended by team, removed from roster


Rapid City:        

Add        Eric Israel, D                      activated from reserve

Delete    Garrett Klotz, F                 placed on reserve


South Carolina: 

Add        Jesse Lees, D                     activated from reserve

Add        Jade Miller, F                    activated from reserve

Delete    Matt Weis, F                      placed on reserve

Delete    Cole Fraser, D                    placed on reserve



Add        Danny Moynihan, F           returned from loan to San Diego

Add        Brad Benton, G                  added as EBUG

Add        Stephan Beauvais, D          activated from reserve

Delete    Garrett Cecere, D                             placed on reserve

Delete    Tyler Kobryn, F                 placed on reserve



Add        Zach Zech, F                      signed contract, added to active roster

Delete    Tyler Drevitch, F               placed on reserve

Add        Sean Allen, D                     activated from reserve [3/19]

Delete    Alex Peters, D                    placed on reserve [3/19]