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ECHL Transactions - May 21

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, May 21, 2021:


CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Max Cook, F


Fort Wayne:      

Trevor Gorsuch, G





Add        Terrance Amorosa, D        activated from reserve

Add        Zane Franklin, F                activated from reserve

Delete    Dominic Cormier, D          placed on reserve

Delete    Darian Skeoch, F               placed on reserve



Add        Ben Masella, D                  activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Mason Mitchell, F             activated from reserve

Add        Michael Neville, F             activated from reserve

Delete    Cole MacDonald, D           placed on reserve

Delete    Kyle Neuber, F                  placed on reserve

Delete    Luke Nogard, F                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 5/17)


Fort Wayne:

Add        Nick Boka, D                     returned from loan to Ontario

Add        Matt Murphy, D                 activated from reserve

Add        Morgan Adams-Moisan, F               activated from reserve

Delete    Marcus McIvor, D             placed on reserve

Delete    Jackson Leef, F                  placed on reserve

Delete    Alan Lyszczarczyk, F        placed on reserve



Add        Jacob Ingham, G                assigned from Ontario by Los Angeles

Add        Jack Sadek, D                    assigned by Ontario (a.m.)

Add        Max Zimmer, F                  activated from reserve

Delete    Jack Sadek, D                    placed on reserve

Delete    Nolan LaPorte, F               placed on reserve

Delete    Jake Massie, D                   placed on Injured Reserve (effective 5/17)



Add        Peter Krieger, F                 returned from loan to Manitoba

Add        Jordan Schneider, D          activated from reserve

Add        Tim Davison, D                 activated from reserve

Add        Alex Rauter, F                   activated from reserve

Delete    Spencer Watson, F             placed on reserve

Delete    Keoni Texeira, D               placed on reserve

Delete    Peter Krieger, F                 placed on reserve

Delete    Dylan Malmquist, F           placed on Injured Reserve (effective 5/17)



Add        Jacob Cederholm, D          activated from reserve

Delete    Derek Lodermeier, F         placed on reserve



Add        Nikita Pavlychev, F           activated from reserve

Delete    Fabrizio Ricci, F                placed on reserve


Rapid City:        

Add        Jake Wahlin, F                   signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Darren Brady, D                activated from reserve

Add        Charles Curti, D                 activated from reserve

Delete    Jake Wahlin, F                   placed on reserve

Delete    Hunter Garlent, F                             placed on reserve

Delete    Kameron Kielly, F             suspended by team


South Carolina: 

Add        Doyle Somerby, D             returned from loan to Tucson

Delete    Zachary Malatesta, D        placed on reserve



Add        Alex Brooks, D                  activated from reserve

Delete    J.C. Brassard, D                 placed on reserve



Add        Tyler Drevitch, F               activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Shane Kuzmeski, D           activated from reserve

Add        Ryan Roth, F                      activated from reserve

Delete    Matt Miller, D                   placed on reserve

Delete    Taran Kozun, G                 placed on reserve

Delete    Jared Cockrell, F               placed on reserve

Delete    Jackson Keane, F               placed on Injured Reserve (effective 5/16)