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Introducing the Iowa Heartlanders

Iowa Heartlanders logo

Coralville, Iowa - Deacon Sports & Entertainment unveiled the highly anticipated name, logo and colors for Iowa’s ECHL Hockey Club: the Iowa Heartlanders, who begin play at Xtream Arena in Coralville this October.

The Heartlanders announced their arrival to the ECHL during a launch event held at Xtream Arena Thursday evening with the team’s Founding Fans and partners.

“After months of research and listening to suggestions from thousands of fans, we are proud to call ourselves the Iowa Heartlanders,” said Dean MacDonald, Chair of Deacon Sports & Entertainment. “The Heartlanders are excited to bring pro hockey to Xtream Arena, creating new and exciting traditions both on the ice and in the community as our brand grows this season.”

Iowa Heartlanders: The Story of Our Logos

A Heartlander is no ordinary breed of buck. We run the game. The primary logo is of a white-tailed deer, poised for battle in expression, stance, and thorny detailing, to capture the essence of our strength, determination and work ethic here in Iowa.

The antlered crown, adorned in sunrise gold, makes it known that we are the mighty kings of the Heartland. For victory against foes, a gold crown is earned, not given.

Collectively, our colors represent the tradition, toughness, grit, grace and heart of Heartlander hockey.

Iowa’s state flower, the wild prairie rose, featuring heartshaped,coral pink petals and a shining sun, symbolizes everything worth playing for – the magnificent riches and traditions of our home, and the wild spirit of our fans that will continue to grow. The flower blooms every June, perfectly timed with the Kelly Cup. Our target is set, now its game on.

The wild prairie rose will serve as our secondary logo and will be featured on the Iowa Heartlanders jersey in addition to the primary logo.

The Iowa Heartlanders name and logos were created in partnership with Win X Two Branding Agency and designer Brian Gundell.