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ECHL Transactions - Jan. 21

ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, January 21, 2022:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Nolan Sheeran, F 
Ted Hart, F
Add        Brennan Feasey, F             added to active roster (claimed from Worcester)
Add        Zach Hall, F                       activated from Injured Reserve
Delete    D-Jay Jerome, F                 placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/18)
Add        Xavier Bernard, D             assigned by Belleville
Add        Hugo Roy, F                       returned from loan to Belleville
Add        Stephen Desrocher, D        assigned by Milwaukee
Add        Avery Peterson, F              activated from reserve
Add        Xavier Bouchard, D           activated from Commissioner’s Exempt List
Add        Robert Carpenter, F           activated from Commissioner’s Exempt List
Delete    Russell Jordan, F               placed on reserve
Delete    Michael Neville, F             placed on reserve
Fort Wayne:      
Add        Zachary Bouthillier, G      added to active roster (traded from Maine)
Add        Shawn Cameron, F             assigned by Springfield
Delete    Bryce Reddick, D                             placed on reserve
Delete    Dean Yakura, F                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/2)
Add        Jake Kupsky, G                  assigned by Colorado (AHL)
Add        Mason Mitchell, F             returned from loan to Stockton
Add        Jacob LeGuerrier, D          assigned by Rockford
Add        Craig Wyszomirski, D       activated from reserve
Delete    Kirill Chayka, D                placed on Commissioner’s Exempt List
Delete    Michael Lackey, G            placed on reserve
Delete    Keoni Texeira, D               loaned to San Jose (AHL) [1/20]
Add        Dominick Sacco, F            added to active roster (claimed from South Carolina)
Add        Brendan Harris, F                             added to active roster (traded from Wheeling)
Delete    Brandon Fortunato, D        loaned to Charlotte
Kansas City:      
Add        Koletrane Wilson, D          assigned by Stockton
Add        Nick Jermain, F                 added to active roster (traded from Fort Wayne)
Add        Nate Kallen, D                   returned from loan to Springfield
Add        Patrick Shea, F                   returned from loan to Springfield
Add        Ian McKinnon, F                assigned by Providence
Delete    Tyler Hinam, F                  placed on reserve
Add        Kyle Keyser, G                  assigned from Providence by Boston [1/20]
Add        Mathew Santos, F              activated from Commissioner’s Exempt List [1/20]
Add        Luke Bafia, D                    activated from reserve
Delete    Garrett Johnston, D           placed on reserve
Add        Amir Miftakhov, G            assigned from Syracuse by Tampa Bay
Add        Jackson Keane, F               activated from reserve
Add        Ian Parker, F                      activated from reserve
Delete    Canon Pieper, F                 placed on reserve
Add        Garrett McFadden, D         activated from reserve
Delete    Grant Cooper, F                 placed on reserve
South Carolina: 
Add        Jordan Subban, D                             activated from Commissioner’s Exempt List
Add        Barret Kirwin, F                activated from reserve
Delete    Nate Pionk, F                     placed on reserve
Add        Chris Martenet, D              activated from reserve
Delete    John Albert, F                    placed on reserve
Add        Guillaume Beaudoin, D     activated from Injured Reserve
Delete    Guillaume Beaudoin, D     suspended by team, removed from roster
Delete    Logan Coomes, F               placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/13)
Add        Jordon Stone, D                 activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Stefan Fournier, F              activated from reserve
Add        Ethan Price, F                    signed contract, added to active roster
Add        Bobby Butler, F                 signed contract, added to active roster
Add        John Furgele, D                 activated from reserve
Delete    Ethan Price, F                    placed on reserve
Delete    Danny Katic, F                   placed on reserve