NHL Officials Have 12 Former ECHL,
Referees, Five Former ECHL Linesmen

PRINCETON, N.J. – For the past 15 years, the ECHL has worked in conjunction with the National Hockey League to develop on-ice officials.

As the 2005-06 season opens, there are 12 referees and five linesmen with ECHL experience on the NHL officiating staff and former ECHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Randy Hall is a Manager of Officiating for the NHL.

The referees with their first NHL season and games worked are Harry Dumas (2000 and 28), Bob Langdon (2001 and 57), Mike Leggo (1998 and 368), Wes McCauley (2003 and 23), Dan O’Rourke (1999 and 145), Brian Pochmara (2005), Kevin Pollock (2000 and 296), Chris Rooney (2000 and 192), Justin St. Pierre (2005), Jeff Smith (2005), Ian Walsh (2000 and 134) and Dean Warren (1999 and 293).

The linesmen with their first NHL season and games worked are Steve Barton (2000 and 210), Brian Mach (2000 and 274), Tim Nowak (1993 and 728) Jay Sharrers (1990 and 778) and Mark Wheler (1992 and 814). Nowak began his officiating career in the ECHL and in 2003 became the first ECHL official to work in the Stanley Cup Finals.