North Division Playoff Race Deadlocked

With six weeks remaining, only one point separates five teams for four Kelly Cup Playoff berths in the North Division of the National Conference. Wheeling (31-17-4) and Toledo (31-20-4) are tied for first place with 66 points while Reading (30-16-5), Atlantic City (29-17-7) and Trenton (29-17-7) are tied for third place with 65 points.

Wheeling, which is 3-0-2 in its last five games and 4-0-1 in its last five home games, will host Atlantic City on Wednesday, Johnstown on Friday and Dayton on Sunday while traveling to Reading on Saturday. The Nailers are 1-1-1 at home and 3-1-1 overall against Atlantic City and 2-0-0 at home and 3-1-0 overall against Johnstown. Wheeling is 1-1-0 at home and 4-4-0 overall against Dayton and 1-1-2 at Reading and 3-3-2 overall against the Royals, who upset the top-seeded Nailers in the Northern Division Semifinals in the 2004 Kelly Cup Playoffs.

Toledo, which was 2-1-0 at home over the weekend, will travel to Peoria on Friday and Saturday. The Storm is 3-0-0 at Peoria and 4-2-0 overall against the Rivermen. Reading, which is 4-0-1 in its last five home games, will host Johnstown on Tuesday, Dayton on Friday and Wheeling on Saturday before traveling to Johnstown on Sunday. The Royals are 3-1-0 at home and 2-2-0 at Wheeling, 2-0-0 at home and 2-2-0 overall against Johnstown and 1-0-0 at home and 4-0-0 overall against Dayton.

Atlantic City, which picked up five of a possible six points last weekend, travels to Wheeling on Wednesday before returning home to host Charlotte and Johnstown. The Bullies have won the last two games with Wheeling, both on the road, to improve to 2-0-1 at Wheeling and 2-0-3 overall against the Nailers. Atlantic City is 1-0-0 against Charlotte and 3-1-1 overall and 0-1-1 at home against Johnstown. Trenton, which is 5-2-0 in its last seven games, will host Greenville on Friday and will travel to Peoria on Sunday. The Titans, who missed the postseason for the first time in their five-year history in 2003-04, are 0-2-1 against the Rivermen, including 0-2-0 at Peoria.