North Division Postseason Race Remains Tight

With three points separating the top four teams and four points separating the top five teams, the order in the North Division of the National Conference changes daily. Wheeling continues to lead the division with a 30-17-3 record and 63 points, one point ahead of Toledo at 29-18-4. Reading has moved into third place at 28-14-5 and 61 points, one point ahead of Atlantic City at 27-17-6 and two points ahead of Trenton at 26-16-7. Peoria, which is 6-1-3 in its last 10 games, is six points behind Trenton at 23-17-7.

Wheeling will host Trenton on Friday and Atlantic City on Saturday while Toledo hosts Alaska on Wednesday, Johnstown (19-18-11) on Friday and Saturday and Reading on Sunday. Reading will host Johnstown on Tuesday before traveling to Peoria on Friday and Saturday and Toledo on Sunday. Atlantic City will host Dayton (16-29-4) on Friday and Sunday while visiting Wheeling on Saturday. Trenton hosts Dayton on Wednesday and Saturday while traveling to Wheeling on Friday and Johnstown on Sunday.