Olson Plans To Return Following Ordeal

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Perspective is everything, when it comes to time, anyway.

If you’ve got a one-goal lead and are trying to kill a penalty in the last minute of the third period, 30 seconds is forever. If you’re in an airplane that’s about to hit the side of a mountain in British Columbia, and figure 30 seconds is about as long as you have to live, they go by fast.

That’s what former Fresno and Johnstown left wing Glenn Olson found out on July 14. He and two friends were headed to a concert when, near noontime, the Cessna they were flying in crashed not far from Olson’s hometown of Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island.

“We knew, or at least had a pretty good idea,” Olson said by phone last week, “for about 30 seconds before we crashed, that we were going down. I pretty much thought I was gonna die.”

The pilot did die. Olson and his other friend survived, but suffered agonizing injuries. Olson described his like this:

“I broke my right shoulder blade and all the ribs down my back on the right side. My right lung was punctured and I broke both collarbones. There was some internal damage to my legs, lots of bleeding, but nothing broken. Right now, my knees are pretty much the main problem, trying to rehab them.”

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