One-on-One With
Stingrays Cail MacLean

By Andrew Miller
The Post and Courier

It’s been a month since you were named the Stingrays head coach. How has the first month gone?

“There’s a lot of work to do, but it’s really exciting. It seems like every day I’m learning something new and that’s an exciting way to do your job.”

What’s been the biggest surprise about being a head coach?

“I think all the time it takes up. If you don’t watch out, it can consume all your time every minute you’re awake. I’ve learned that you can’t take the game to bed or you won’t get any sleep. It does get into your mind and it’s hard not to think about it and pay attention to it.”

You’re getting a business degree from The Citadel in the next month. What’s that process been like?

“It’s been hard lately to concentrate in class or when you’re studying knowing everything that’s still left to do as far as the team is concerned. It’ll be a huge relief to finally have this thing completed. It has taken longer than I hoped, but that was my fault because when I was young I focused on hockey. I probably spent 90 percent of my time on hockey and took an odd class here and there.”

When did you seriously start thinking about getting into coaching?

“When I was in Reading, the year before I came down to South Carolina, I had some talks with some of the coaches up there about being an assistant coach or a player assistant. I think from that point on I realized I probably wasn’t going to make the NHL, so I needed to concentrate more on being a leader, looking at systems and helping the younger guys on the team.”

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