One Sharp Season

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

A little more than a year ago, San Antonio Rampage rookie forward MacGregor Sharp was just looking to make an impression.

The Anaheim Ducks took notice early and often, an investment of attention that paid off in a big way later.

After making that impression, Sharp set about making something else – history. Earlier this season, Sharp earned one of the most warp speed promotions of any non-goalie prospect in the annals of the ECHL. He became the first skater to jump from the ECHL to the NHL in the same season without first stopping in the AHL.

The leapfrog act was fast but fitting. Sharp has made a lot of heads spin in the past 12 months.

“It’s been pretty amazing,” Sharp said while taking a rest one evening in San Antonio last week. “It all happened so fast. You don’t get a chance to step back and think about what you’ve done. Everything has been like a whirlwind.”

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