Over 200 Former ECHL Players In AHL
21 AHL Coaches Have ECHL Background

PRINCETON, N.J. – The ECHL is represented by more than 200 players, nine head coaches, 12 assistant coaches and countless other personnel on the 27 teams in the American Hockey League which opened its 71st season on Wednesday.

There are at least three former ECHL players listed on each roster and six teams list 12 players that have played in the ECHL while a former ECHL coach is behind the bench of 17 teams.

The Premier ‘AA’ Hockey League, the ECHL has affiliations with 23 of the 27 teams in the AHL, marking the sixth consecutive year that the ECHL has had affiliations with more than 20 teams in the AHL, and for the past 16 years there has been a former ECHL player on the team that has won the Calder Cup.

For each of the past four seasons, the ECHL has had more players called up to the AHL than all other professional leagues combined with 1,646 call ups involving almost 1,000 players, including 2005-06 when there were 416 call ups involving 263 players.

Nine former ECHL coaches are head coaches in the AHL including Bruce Boudreau of Hershey and Claude Noel of Milwaukee. Boudreau is the only coach to win both the ECHL and the AHL titles having led Hershey to the Calder Cup championship in 2006 and Mississippi to the Kelly Cup championship in 1999. Noel is the only coach to be named Coach of the Year in both the ECHL (2002-03 with Toledo) and the AHL (2003-04 with Milwaukee).

Other head coaches in the AHL with an ECHL background are Dave Allison of Iowa, David Baseggio of Peoria, Scott Gordon of Providence, Mike Haviland of Norfolk, Greg Ireland of Grand Rapids, Kurt Kleinendorst of Lowell and Roy Sommer of Worcester.

There are 12 assistant coaches in the AHL who have ECHL experience – Scott Allen of Omaha, Dan Bylsma of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Jack Capuano of Bridgeport, David Cunniff of Worcester, J.J. Daigneault of Hartford, Kevin Dean of Lowell, Ted Dent of Norfolk, Gord Dineen of San Antonio, Joe Ferras of Bridgeport, Mike LaZazzera of Portland, Kjell Samuelsson of Philadelphia, Matt Shaw of Houston and Bob Woods of Hershey – while Scott White is director of hockey operations for Iowa.

The AHL Coach of the Year award was won by former ECHL coaches four years in a row from 2001-04 with Noel (2004), Geoff Ward (2003), Bruce Cassidy (2002) and Don Granato (2001). Carolina Hurricanes and former Wheeling coach Peter Laviolette was the first former ECHL coach to capture the award in 1999.

Dany Sabourin became the eighth former ECHL goaltender to win the AHL Goaltender of the Year award in 2006, joining Jason LaBarbera (2004), Marc Lamothe (2003), Martin Brochu (2000), Martin Biron (1999), Scott Langkow (1998), Manny Legace (1996) and Frederic Chabot (1994).

The AHL Most Valuable Player Award has been won four times by former ECHL players, most recently by former Charlotte goaltender Jason LaBarbera in 2003-04. Other former ECHL players who were named as MVP of the AHL are Eric Boguniecki in 2001-02, Martin Brochu in 1999-2000 and Brad Smyth in 1995-96.

Here are the former ECHL players and coaches on AHL teams as of October 5:

Albany (ECHL Affiliate: Florida Everblades) Keith Aucoin (Florida, 2001-02), Jesse Boulerice (New Orleans, 1998-99 and Trenton, 1999-2000), Dan DaSilva (San Diego, 2005-06), Pat Dwyer (Gwinnett, 2004-05), Jeff Finger (Reading, 2003-04), Dave Gove (Johnstown, 2001-02), Ben Guite (Tallahassee, 2000-01), Scott Kelman (Jackson, 2002-03; Augusta, 2003-04; Gwinnett and Fresno, 2005-06 ), Cody McLeod (San Diego, 2005-06), David Svagrovsky (San Diego, 2005-06), Derrick Walser (Johnstown, 1998-2000) and Tyler Weiman (San Diego, 2005-06).

BinghamtonChanse Fitzpatrick (Columbia, 2004-06), Jeff Glass (Charlotte, 2005-06), Kelly Guard (Charlotte, 2004-05), Andy Hedlund (Trenton, 2001-03), Cory Pecker (San Diego, 2004-05 and Phoenix, 2005-06) and Neil Petruic (Charlotte, 2005-06).

Bridgeport (ECHL Affiliate: Pensacola Ice Pilots) – Associate coach Jack Capuano (Knoxville, 1996-97; Pee Dee, 1997-2001 and Tallahassee, 1996-97), assistant coach Joe Ferras (Winston-Salem, 1989-91 and Richmond, 1990-91), Drew Fata (Wheeling, 2003-06), Jason Goulet (Fresno, 2003-04), Brent Henley (South Carolina, 2002-04; Greenville, 2004-05 and Phoenix and Utah, 2005-06), Jamie Johnson (Louisiana, 2003-04 and Augusta, 2004-06), Kevin Mitchell (Louisiana, 2001-04) and Michael Mole (Phoenix and San Diego, 2005-06).

Chicago (ECHL Affiliate: Gwinnett Gladiators) Guillaume Desbiens (Gwinnett, 2005-06), Kevin Doell (Gwinnett, 2003-05), Brian Fahey (Atlantic City, 2003-05 and Idaho, 2005-06), Michael Garnett (Greenville, 2002-03 and Gwinnett, 2003-04), Jon Insana (Trenton, 2002-03 and Florida, 2002-04), Dieter Kochan (Louisville, 1997-98), Cory Larose (Jackson, 2000-01), Troy Milam (Gwinnett, 2003-04 and 2005-06 and Reading, 2004-05), Jared Ross (Gwinnett, 2005-06), Jimmy Sharrow (Gwinnett, 2005-06), Brian Sipotz (Gwinnett, 2004-05) and Colin Stuart (Gwinnett, 2004-05).

Grand Rapids (ECHL Affiliate: Toledo Storm) – Head coach Greg Ireland (Dayton, 1998-2003), Jason Beckett (Trenton, 2000-02 and Pensacola, 2004-05), Darryl Bootland (Toledo, 2002-03), Brendan Brooks (Mississippi, 1997-98; Dayton, 2000-01; Reading and Macon 2001-02 and Peoria, 2002-04), Matt Ellis (Toledo, 2002-03), Tom Galvin (Atlantic City, 2003-04 and Reading, 2004-05) and Brock Radunske (Greenville, 2004-06).

Hamilton (ECHL Affiliate: Cincinnati Cyclones) Andrew Archer (Columbus, 2003-04), Ajay Baines (Greenville, 1999-2000), Scott Crawford (Jackson, 2002-03 and Peoria, 2002-04), Jaroslav Halak (Long Beach, 2005-06), Michael Lambert (Long Beach, 2004-06), Eric Manlow (Columbus, 1996-97 and Florida, 1998-2000) and Mathieu Roy, (Columbus, 2003-04).

Hartford (ECHL Affiliate: Charlotte Checkers) – Assistant coach J.J. Daigneault (Phoenix, 2005-06), Lee Falardeau (Charlotte, 2004-06), Daniel Girardi (Charlotte, 2005-06), Dwight Helminen (Charlotte, 2004-05), Hugh Jessiman (Charlotte, 2005-06), Rick Kozak (Charlotte, 2005-06), Mark Lee (Trenton, 2005-06), David Liffiton (Charlotte, 2004-05), Al Montoya (Charlotte, 2005-06), Dale Purinton (Charlotte, 1997-98 and Victoria, 2004-05), Jake Taylor (Charlotte, 2004-05), Steve Valiquette (Dayton, 1996-97; Hampton Roads, 1998-99 and Trenton, 1999-2000) and Craig Weller (Charlotte, 2002-03).

Hershey (ECHL Affiliate: South Carolina Stingrays) – Head coach Bruce Boudreau (Mississippi, 1996-99), assistant coach Bob Woods (Tallahassee, 1997-98 and Mississippi, 1998-2005), Dean Arsene (Charlotte, 2001-02 and Reading, 2003-04), Trevor Byrne (Peoria, 2003-05 and Wheeling, 2005-06), Maxime Daigneault (South Carolina, 2004-06), Deryk Engelland (Las Vegas, 2003-05 and South Carolina, 2005-06), Timo Helbling (Toledo, 2002-03), Matt Hendricks (Florida, 2004-05), Jonas Johansson (South Carolina, 2004-06), Quinton Laing (Jackson, 2000-02), Lawrence Nycholat (Jackson, 2000-01), Tyler Sloan (Dayton, 2002-03 and 2004-05 and Las Vegas, 2005-06), Dave Steckel (Reading, 2004-05), Joey Tenute (South Carolina, 2004-05) and Pete Vandermeer (Columbus, 1996-98; Richmond, 1997-98 and 1999-2000 and Trenton, 2001-02).

Houston (ECHL Affiliate: Texas Wildcatters) – Assistant coach Matt Shaw (Mobile, 1997-98), Alex Leavitt (Alaska, 2005-06), Jason Morgan (Mississippi, 1996-97 and Florida, 1999-2001), Josh Olson (Jackson, 2002-03), Steve Shields (South Carolina, 1994-95) and Ryan Stokes (Pensacola, 2004-05).

Iowa (ECHL Affiliate: Idaho Steelheads) – Head coach David Allison (Virginia, 1989-90 and Richmond, 1990-92), director of hockey operations Scott White (Greensboro, 2000-01 and Columbia, 2001-05), Greg Amadio (Columbia, 2003-05), Mark Ardelan (South Carolina, 2004-05), Krys Barch (Richmond, 2001-02 and Greenville, 2004-06), Dan Ellis (Idaho, 2003-04), Mike Green (Macon, 2001-02), Dan Hacker (Idaho, 2005-06), Marius Holtet (Louisiana, 2004-05), Janos Vas (Idaho, 2005-06) and Marty Wilford (Columbus, 1997-98).

Lowell (ECHL Affiliate: Trenton Titans) Kurt Kleinendorst (Raleigh, 1991-97), assistant coach Kevin Dean (Cincinnati, 1991-92), Frank Doyle (Idaho, 2004-05), Gregg Naumenko (Augusta, 2001-02 and 2003-04; Charlotte, 2003-04; Dayton, 2001-02 and 2004-05; Cincinnati, 2002-03 and South Carolina, 2004-05), Ryan J. Murphy (Florida, 2001-03) and Mike Pandolfo (Reading, 2005-06).

Manchester (ECHL Affiliate: Reading Royals) Barry Brust (Reading, 2004-06), Yutaka Fukufuji (Bakersfield, 2004-05; Cincinnati, 2002-03 and Reading, 2005-06), Jeff Giuliano (Reading, 2002-03), Doug Nolan (Dayton, 1999-03 and Reading, 2003-04), Jason LaBarbera (Charlotte, 2000-02), Dany Roussin (Reading, 2005-06), Shay Stephenson (Reading, 2005-06) and Eric Werner (Reading, 2005-06).

Manitoba (ECHL Affiliate: Victoria Salmon Kings) Mike Ayers (Dayton, 2004-06), Marc-Andre Bernier (Columbia, 2005-06), Tyler Beechey (Trenton, 2002-03 and Pensacola, 2003-05), Maxime Fortunus (Louisiana, 2003-05), Jason Jaffray (Roanoke, 2002-03 and Wheeling, 2003-05), Adam Keefe (Toledo, 2005-06), Drew MacIntyre (Toledo, 2003-06), Reagan Rome (Cincinnati, 2003-04; Jackson, 2002-03; Pensacola, 2002-03 and Reading, 2003-06), Jesse Schultz (Columbia, 2003-04), Dustin Wood (Trenton, 2002-03) and Patrick Yetman (Augusta, 2000-03 and Dayton, 2002-03).

Milwaukee – Head coach Claude Noel (Roanoke Valley, 1990-91; Dayton, 1991-93 and Toledo, 2002-03), Sheldon Brookbank (Mississippi, 2001-02), Paul Brown (Trenton, 2004-05), Karl Goehring (Dayton, 2001-02), Bracken Kearns (Toledo, 2005-06), Pat Leahy (Trenton, 2001-02), Nathan Lutz (Reading, 2001-03 and Toledo, 2002-03) Rich Peverley (South Carolina, 2004-05 and Reading, 2005-06) and T.J. Reynolds (Wheeling, 2002-05).

Norfolk (ECHL Affiliate: Toledo Storm) – Head coach Mike Haviland (Atlantic City, 2002-04 and Trenton 2004-05), assistant coach Ted Dent (Johnstown, 1993-95; Charlotte, 1994-95; Toledo, 1996-97; Trenton, 2004-05 and Columbia, 2005-06), Carl Corazzini (Atlantic City, 2002-03), Chris Durno (Gwinnett, 2003-06), David Koci (Wheeling, 2001-03), Steve Munn (Atlantic City, 2002-04 and Augusta and Trenton, 2004-05), Martin St. Pierre (Greenville, 2004-05) and Michael Schutte (Dayton, 2004-05 and Trenton, 2004-05).

Omaha (ECHL Affiliate: Las Vegas Wranglers) – Assistant coach Scott Allen (Johnstown, 1996-2002), Tim Hambly (Las Vegas, 2004-06), Brent Krahn (Las Vegas, 2003-04), Steve Marr (Las Vegas, 2005-06), Adam Pardy (Las Vegas, 2005-06) and Warren Peters (Idaho, 2003-05).

Peoria (ECHL Affiliate: Alaska Aces) – Head coach Dave Baseggio (Charlotte, 2000-01), Chris Beckford-Tseu (Peoria, 2004-05 and Alaska, 2005-06), Zack FitzGerald (Alaska, 2005-06), Mike Glumac (Pee Dee, 2002-03), Cam Keith (Pensacola, 2004-05 and Alaska, 2005-06), Charles Linglet (Alaska, 2003-05 and Las Vegas, 2005-06), Doug Lynch (Alaska, 2005-06), Ryan Ramsay (Peoria, 2004-05 and Alaska, 2005-06), Mike Stuart (Peoria, 2002-03 and Alaska, 2005-06), Patrick Wellar (Peoria, 2004-05 and Alaska, 2005-06), Trent Whitfield (Hampton Roads, 1998-99), Stephen Wood (Trenton, 2004-06) and Konstantin Zakharov (Alaska, 2005-06).

Philadelphia (ECHL Affiliate: Trenton Titans) – Assistant coach Kjell Samuelsson (Trenton, 1999-2000), Rejean Beauchemin (Trenton, 2005-06), Martin Grenier (Charlotte, 2004-05), Martin Houle (Trenton, 2005-06) and David Printz (Trenton, 2004-05).

Portland (ECHL Affiliate: Augusta Lynx) – Assistant coach Mike LaZazzera (Jacksonville, 1996-97), Garrett Bembridge (Las Vegas, 2003-04 and Idaho, 2005-06), Simon Ferguson (Greenville, 2004-05), Trevor Gillies (Mississippi, 1999-2000; Greensboro, 2000-01; Augusta, 2001-02; Richmond, 2001-03 and Peoria, 2002-03), Pierre Parenteau (Augusta, 2005-06) and Geoff Peters (Columbus and Trenton, 2001-02 and Reading, 2002-03).

Providence – Head coach Scott Gordon (Roanoke, 1998-99), Mike Brown (Dayton, 2005-06 and South Carolina, 2005-06), Sean Curry (Florida, 2002-03), Brian Finley (Toledo, 2002-03), Ryan Gaucher (Alaska, 2004-06; Cincinnati, 2002-03; Louisiana, 1999-2000; Las Vegas, 2004-05; Mississippi, 1999-2000; Pee Dee, 2003-04 and Toledo, 2000-02), Ryan Glenn (Charlotte, 2004-05), Ned Havern (Stockton and Trenton, 2005-06), Jay Leach (Mississippi, 2001-02; Augusta, 2002-03; Long Beach, 2003-04 and Trenton, 2003-05), Dennis Packard (Johnstown, 2004-06) and Pascal Pelletier (Louisiana, 2004-05 and Gwinnett, 2004-06).

RochesterRob Globke (Texas, 2004-05), Greg Jacina (Augusta, 2003-04), Kamil Kreps (Texas, 2004-05), Drew Larman (Florida, 2005-06), Martin Lojek (Florida, 2005-06), Brandon Smith (Dayton, 1994-95) and Adam Taylor (Victoria, 2005-06).
San Antonio (ECHL Affiliate: Phoenix RoadRunners) – Assistant coach and director of hockey operations Gord Dineen (Macon, 2001-02 and Richmond, 2002-03), Ryan Flinn (Reading, 2001-02), Tyson Nash (Raleigh, 1995-96) and Philippe Sauve (Mississippi, 2004-05).

Springfield (ECHL Affiliate: Johnstown Chiefs) Zdenek Blatny (Greenville, 2001-02), Jonathan Boutin (Johnstown, 2005-06), Andre Deveaux (Johnstown, 2005-06), Sylvain Dufresne (Baton Rouge, 1999-2001 and Toledo, 2004-05), Mike Egener (Johnstown, 2005-06), Mitch Fritz (Tallahassee, 2000-01 and Columbus, 2001-02 and 2003-04), Eric Healey (Jackson, 2001-02), Adam Henrich (Johnstown, 2004-06), Zbynek Hrdel (Johnstown, 2005-06), Doug O’Brien (Johnstown, 2004-05), Jay Rosehill (Johnstown, 2005-06) and Dave Spina (South Carolina, 2005-06).

Syracuse (ECHL Affiliate: Dayton Bombers) Eric Boulton (Charlotte, 1996-98; Florida, 1998-99 and Columbia, 2004-05), Andy Canzanello (San Diego, 2004-05), Mark Flood (Dayton, 2005-06), Steven Goertzen (Dayton, 2004-05), Tim Konsorada (Dayton, 2005-06), Brandon Sugden (Dayton, 1998-2000; Tallahassee and Peoria, 2000-01), Jeff Szwez (Augusta, 2002-03; Dayton, 2003-06 and Pee Dee, 2003-05) and Darcy Verot (Wheeling, 1999-2000).

Toronto (ECHL Affiliate: Columbia Inferno) Dominic D’Amour (Pensacola, 2004-05), Brett Engelhardt (Gwinnett, 2004-05), J.J. Hunter (Columbus, 2001-04), Tyson Marsh (Pensacola, 2004-05) and Kris Newbury (Pensacola, 2004-05).

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (ECHL Affiliate: Wheeling Nailers) – Assistant coach Dan Bylsma (Greensboro, 1992-94), Daniel Carcillo (Wheeling, 2005-06), Jeff Deslauriers (Greenville, 2004-06), Connor James (Bakersfield, 2004-05), Andrew Penner (Dayton, 2003-06) and Tim Sestito (Greenville, 2005-06).

Worcester (ECHL Affiliate: Fresno Falcons) – Head coach Roy Sommer (Roanoke Valley, 1991-92 and Richmond, 1992-96), assistant coach David Cunniff (Jacksonville, 1996-97; Raleigh, 1996-98; Louisiana and Richmond, 2001-02), Scott Ferguson (Wheeling, 1994-95), Graham Mink (Richmond, 2001-02), Glenn Olson (Fresno, 2004-06 and Johnstown, 2004-05), Dmitri Patzold (Johnstown, 2003-04), Grant Stevenson (Johnstown, 2004-05) and Jonathan Tremblay (Johnstown, 2004-05 and Toledo, 2005-06).