Owners Say Bombers Aren’t Going Anywhere

By Sean McClelland
Dayton Daily News

FAIRBORN, Ohio – The area’s diehard hockey fans tend to get a little nervous this time of year, given the Bombers’ ownership history.

Fear not, advises co-owner/GM/head coach Don MacAdam. The team isn’t going anywhere.

“I’ve heard (the rumors) for a couple of months now,” MacAdam said. “It usually happens shortly after Christmas, after the turkey digests. But I don’t know of a scenario why the team wouldn’t be here next year.”

The team almost folded after the 2003-04 season, but MacAdam and Costa Papista bought it. Attendance remains sluggish, but they say the major factors that led to the purchase have not changed.

“We’ve got a great building with an excellent lease and a million people in our market,” MacAdam said.

The Bombers have submitted playing dates for next season and have multiyear deals with corporate sponsors, MacAdam said. “We’ve come an awfully long way in two years,” he said. “We’ve got some more road to cover, but it’s really coming together.”