Plan Being Developed To Honor Lynx Stars

By Billy Byler
Staff Writer
© 2008 The Augusta Chronicle

AUGUSTA, Ga. – After 10 years of professional hockey in Augusta, Lynx fans have seen their fair share of talented players skate through James Brown Arena. A decade’s worth of history has accumulated, and now it appears it will soon have a home.

Augusta Ice Sports Center, now under the direction of former Augusta Lynx defenseman Wes Swinson, is in the process of creating an Augusta Lynx Hall of Fame. A designated area in the lobby of Augusta’s only public ice skating venue once housed an air hockey table and arcade games. Soon it will be a shrine to hockey in Augusta.

“We want to maybe retire some jerseys and put them up here, and maybe have some murals painted on the wall,” said Swinson, the newly hired general manager of Augusta Ice Sports Center. “Our main focus is to become a partner with the Lynx.”

Lynx co-owner and general manager Dan Troutman said the Lynx were thrilled when Swinson approached them with the idea.

“We told them we’d be very supportive of it. It’s a great idea if it’s done right,” Troutman said.

“That’s a good place for it, because in James Brown Arena we can’t really do anything permanent in there.”

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