Justin Taylor Blog #4


Hello again, fans!

It’s been a busy February, full of events and a full slate of games. There were plenty of highs this past month, as we had our most productive stretch of the season. An 8-4-0 record put us right back into the playoff race!

However, this month in our community was unlike any other that has ever preceded it. February 20 is a day that will forever be associated in Kalamazoo with a senseless tragedy. I’d personally like to thank the Toledo Walleye and their staff for a wonderful ceremony prior to our game in Toledo, just one day after the events that had each and every one of us on edge. I am grateful to be part of a league that pulls together and rallies behind all their teams. To the people of Kalamazoo, your K-Wings and the ECHL are behind you and will stand strong beside you!

I have been in Kalamazoo for six seasons. My wife and her family are from down the road in Berrien Springs, Michigan, but we call Kalamazoo home! The strength that the city has shown and the support from our fellow Kalamazoo natives is incredible. My wife and I are proud to be a part of a city that rises together. The Kalamazoo Wings are currently raising money for the victims’ families of this tragedy. It truly makes me proud to be a member of a team that gives back to the city they have called home for over 40 years. We get the support on the ice, but it is our turn to give support to the city and to the families of the victims. It may seem odd to use hockey to show support to those involved in this tragedy and the city as a whole, but I think that rallying the community in one place, fund raising, and the awareness we are bringing to help avoid future tragedies like this is a critical step in bringing some normalcy to the city of Kalamazoo. WE are Kalamazoo and WE are in this together!

To cap off the month, the K-Wings were fortunate enough to pick up 6 points on the road in Orlando. One of the toughest trips of the year with all that sunshine and beautiful weather. But with some focus and hard work we were able to jump ahead of the Solar Bears in the standings and hope to continue our climb into a playoff spot. The confidence level is high right now, we are working hard and putting in a quality effort night in and night out. The commitment and the attention to detail is what the last six weeks of the season is all about. This is what I expect to see from my team here in Kalamazoo. All the hard work we have done to put ourselves as potential contenders for the playoffs comes down to these last few stretches of games. We are all in, answering the bell, and, most importantly, WE ARE KALAMAZOO!

Thanks for your time and Go Wings!

Justin Taylor #93