Power Outage Ends For Bombers

By Mark Gokavi
Staff Writer
Dayton Daily News

FAIRBORN, Ohio — Cancel that service call to DP&L. Turns out the power outage was just temporary at the Nutter Center.

The Dayton Bombers tried in vain to score on the power play during Sunday’s game (0 for 7) and early Tuesday. Pass, pass, pass, turnover. That’s how the Bombers have been for much of their home dates against Florida in the ECHL’s American Conference Finals.

“We like to try and overdo it a little bit,” Dayton defenseman Brad Farynuk said. “We don’t really have the skill that a team like Florida has.

“We’ve got to keep simple plays and keep pucks tape-to-tape. I thought we did better the last two periods.”

After a 0-for-12 combined skid in Games 4 and 5, Farynuk scored from the left circle against Everblades goalie Craig Kowalski late in Tuesday night’s second period to pull the Bombers within a goal.

That helped Dayton rally for a 4-2 victory, highlighted by a 5-on-3 power play game-winner from captain Greg Labenski.

“You couldn’t overstate how big that was,” Bombers coach Don MacAdam said. “If you blow that, now you’re giving mental momentum to Florida along with really taking the wind out of your sails.”

Dayton finished 2 for 8 with the man advantage to improve to 5 of 34 (14.7 percent) against the Everblades.

“I believe the most important thing for the power play is timely goals,” MacAdam said. “The better your power-play percentage, the better you think it is, but it’s getting goals when you need goals that really makes a difference on the power play. Tonight makes my case.”

During the regular season, Dayton scored on 65 of 394 power plays (16.5 percent), 10th out of 25 teams. Entering Tuesday’s game, the Bombers were 12 of 92 (13 percent) in the postseason.

“You’ve got to focus on what’s in front of you,” Farynuk said. “We don’t dwell on the past. Somebody threw some stat that we were 3-for-something big (26) on the power play (in the series). Every game’s different.”

If the Bombers can get one win in Florida and make the Kelly Cup Finals, they’ll probably need more power-play production. Nothing elaborate is required.

“Don’t look for that great shot on goal,” MacAdam said. “Get the puck to the net and see if you can create something. . . . We try some fancy stuff first and we’re not a fancy team. We’re just not.”