Proven Winner Fits The Bill For Lynx

By Billy Byler
Staff Writer
© 2008 The Augusta Chronicle

AUGUSTA, Ga. – John Marks, the winningest coach in ECHL history, is coming to Augusta. This time, it won’t be to beat the Lynx.

The Augusta Lynx introduced the 14-year ECHL coaching veteran as their new head coach at a news conference Thursday.

The hiring was finalized on Tuesday but wasn’t made public until Thursday. Lynx owners Robert Burch, Jan Hodges Burch and Dan Troutman were on hand to make the announcement, and Marks’ introduction was met with cheers and a standing ovation.

“We wanted, first of all, a quality person that would represent the Lynx and the Augusta community, someone that we would be proud of and just had a lot of class,” Robert Burch said.

“Second of all, we wanted somebody that would put a physical team on the ice. … We wanted a coach that would control the players, and Jan wanted one that would get the Kelly Cup. So we’re not asking for much.”

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