Q & A with Allan McPherson

2015-16 Sher-wood Hockey ECHL Player of the Week Q&A
Allan McPherson – February 1-7, 2016

ECHL: Four goals and an assist in two games to earn the Sher-wood ECHL Player of the Week – to what do you credit such a strong week of play?
Allan McPherson: Strong play and chemistry with my new linemates, Chris Langkow and Cason Hohmann.

ECHL: You’ve spent some time playing in the AHL in addition to your time in the ECHL. What do you think you need to work on most in order to make your spot on an AHL team a permanent one?
AP: Keep bringing a consistent two-way game. Work on all areas offensively and defensively, just the little things that help you succeed.

ECHL: What do you see as the biggest difference between playing in the AHL and ECHL?
AP: Speed and physicality.

ECHL: You played college hockey at Clarkson University. You were the first Clarkson player to join the ‘Century Club’ in four season after breaking the 100 point mark, and you were the Clarkson MVP in both your junior and senior seasons. What significance does your time playing college hockey have to you?
AP: I learned a lot in my four years at Clarkson not only as a player but as a person. I learned a lot about weightlifting and nutrition as well which has improved my game.

ECHL: Looking back on your career to this point, what has been your proudest ‘hockey moment’ so far?
AP: Probably reaching the 100-point club at Clarkson was pretty cool because I know the history and the great players before me that have done it so to be mentioned on the same list as them is awesome.