Q & A with Branden Komm

2015-16 CCM ECHL Goaltender of the Week Q&A
Branden Komm – December 21-27

ECHL: On Sunday you stopped 25 shots vs the Norfolk Admirals for your first professional shutout. What does it mean to get your first shutout as a professional hockey player?
Branden Komm: First, I have to say it was a great team win for us last Sunday. However, in terms of myself, it was a big confidence booster to be able to play all 60 minutes and come out with the win and earn the shutout. It was a great accomplishment and moment in my career personally and an even bigger win for our team.

ECHL: Last year you spent time with Evansville and Cincinnati in the ECHL. What was the hardest part of the transition to South Carolina for this season? What was the easiest?
BK: This transition has been a great learning experience for me. The toughest part this year was waiting for an opportunity with a team and I’m thankful South Carolina was the team that gave me that opportunity. You have to be patient and wait for that opportunity and take advantage of it. We have a great team here and I’m doing all I can to make the most of this opportunity.

ECHL: What goaltenders do you count as role models? Who do you try to model your game after?
BK: I respect a lot of the skills of the NHL guys. I really like Jonathan Quick. He’s such a great competitor and so talented. I try to pick up a lot of little things from him, and guys like him, and bring those into my game.

ECHL: You completed a very successful career at Bentley College in 2013 – where you majored in corporate finance and accounting with a minor in law. Have you thought at all about what your ‘post-hockey’ life looks like?
BK: I’ve thought about it for sure, but nothing too serious yet. I’m sure my path will take me into the business world. Once hockey is over with, my heart will settle on something outside the game.

ECHL Looking back on your career to this point, what has been your proudest ‘hockey moment’ so far?
BK: There are a handful of really good memories and times throughout my prep school and collegiate career. Turning professional and earning my first pro win was a big one in my mind. Also, the success myself and the team has had this season is definitely something I’ll look back fondly on. Hopefully there are more memories to be made this year.