Q & A with Bryan Moore

2015-16 Sher-wood Hockey ECHL Player of the Week Q&A
Bryan Moore – November 22-29

ECHL: In July, at age 21, you signed your first professional hockey contract, with the San Diego Gulls of the American Hockey League. How did you feel to finally get to that point in your hockey career, after many years of working towards that goal?
Bryan Moore: It was the best feeling that could ever happen. It has been a dream to get a contract ever since I started playing the game.

ECHL: You are the first Charlotte, NC native to sign a professional hockey contract. What does it mean to represent Charlotte in such a historical way?
BM: To be the first is a privilege. It means a lot to be the first. It just shows that anyone in Charlotte can do it.

ECHL: As a follow up to Q3, what do you think the future holds for Charlotte area hockey and the development of players from the area?
BM: I think that hockey is going to grow bigger & bigger every year. To have guys go places from Charlotte helps the development for young ones. The more to make it somewhere, the more to look up to.

ECHL: Though you’re only about a month and a half into the season, what have you’ve learned in your experience as a pro hockey player? (Either on the ice or off it)
BM: I have learned that you have to come to work every day. There is always someone looking to take your job.

ECHL: Looking back on your career to this point, what has been your proudest ‘hockey moment’ so far?
BM: My proudest hockey moment has got to be signing my first pro contract. It has always been a dream to play professional hockey. So for that to happen it’s for sure my proudest moment.