Q & A With Steelheads’ Wight

By Chris Langrill
The Idaho Statesman

FAIRBORN, Ohio — Steelheads rookie Travis Wight has been a mainstay on the Idaho defense this season, leading the team with a plus-minus ratio of plus-27 in the regular season. He’s at plus-6 in the playoffs, but forward Derek Nesbitt has bragging rights with a plus-10 in the postseason. Wight, who played four years at the University of Maine, is known for his creative side off the ice, so we thought we’d throw some questions his way.

What’s your most embarrassing moment as a hockey player?

Maybe covering the puck against Alaska in the last series in the crease for a penalty shot on Silvy (Idaho goalie Steve Silverthorn).

Proudest moment as a hockey player?

Probably when I was younger, winning provincials in my home province of Manitoba (Canada).

Who had the best hair in the regular season?

Oh, me by far.

Who is the smartest Steelheads player?

Smartest, if there is one, I would have to say Silvy.


I don’t know, he just comes off as a prim and proper guy. I don’t know if he is or not, but he plays the role well.

Dumbest Steelheads player?

(Lance) Galbraith, for sure. Not even close.

What’s on your iPod right now?

I lost it.

Favorite movie (and you can’t go with “Slap Shot”)

“Mystic River.”

Favorite city to visit on the road?

Not Vegas! I’m a bad gambler.