Ramsey Contributing On
Moose’s Calder Cup Run

By Ken Wiebe
The Winnipeg Sun

For Travis Ramsey, his first pro season was supposed to be all about learning the ropes.

The strapping 6-foot-4, 211-pound defenceman from Lakewood, Calif., knew there would be time spent in the ECHL with the Victoria Salmon Kings and hoped there would also be time in a Manitoba Moose jersey.

When it came time for the Moose to release it’s clear-day roster of players who were eligible for the post-season without requiring injuries, call-ups or suspensions, there was some question as to whether Ramsey would make the grade.

But after some debate, the Moose brass opted to put Ramsey on the 22-man list and leave Swedish blue-liner Daniel Rahimi, who played for Victoria as a rookie in 2007-08, off for the second consecutive spring.

Ramsey rewarded the Moose down the stretch by showing improvement, but when the Calder Cup playoffs began, it was back to the press box for the first three games.

But since an injury to Nathan McIver opened the door, Ramsey had been a solid contributor on Manitoba’s third pairing.

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