Romleski’s Career As Duke
Coming To An End

By Rob Miech
Las Vegas Sun

LAS VEGAS – The green blur hit the brakes in an instant. Someone had moved into his path. He heard his left knee pop. He flipped, landing on his ample posterior inside the chilly Orleans Arena.

A little squirt, emulating Sugar Ray Leonard, darted over and started bopping his big yellow nose.

He wasn’t a Las Vegas Wranglers star, like Peter Ferraro or Adam Cracknell. He was someone, or something, more important to the ECHL hockey club.

At this level of minor league hockey, player movement is constant. So a lively green mascot who specializes in perpetual motion can become a kid magnet and a fan favorite, the face of a five-year-old franchise.

It was The Duke’s green furry face that stared up at the rafters, without moving, at the bottom of Section 118 during the first round of the playoffs last year.

Dave Romleski, the 41-year-old man inside the cartoonish bull costume, had blown out his knee.

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