Royals Play Waiting Game With Playoff Roster

By Brian Compton Staff Writer

When April 7 rolls around, Karl Taylor may need some Excedrin.

As if the Reading Royals coach doesn’t suffer enough headaches, what with the constant call-ups to the American Hockey League and injuries his roster has endured over the last few years, Taylor will have to decide who he wants in his lineup for the Kelly Cup Playoffs on the afternoon of the aforementioned date.

But with several of his desired players elsewhere — gritty forward Shawn Collymore was shipped to AHL Hershey earlier this week — does Taylor risk including a player that he may not have for Game 1 of the postseason?

A portion of Reading’s playoff roster will be based on whether or not its AHL affiliate — the Manchester Monarchs — reaches the postseason. Manchester is currently three points behind the Springfield Falcons for the final playoff spot in the Atlantic Division.

Regardless, though, Taylor is excited for the Kelly Cup Playoffs to arrive.

“It’s looking good,” Taylor said of the Royals’ postseason roster. “I think I’m going to have some really hard decisions. We welcome those hard decisions, obviously. I think we’re going to have to think really long and hard about who we want to add and who we gamble on that’s in the American League. It’s tough because you’re trying to guess what’s going to happen. If Manchester misses the playoffs, then that changes our fate. If they make it, it changes our fate as well. Hopefully we know that by the time the roster has to go in.”

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