Sea Wolves Work Towards 2007-08

By Larry Holder
The Sun Herald

GULFPORT, Miss. – Continued exposure is one of the many goals the Mississippi Sea Wolves strive for in order to keep the ECHL team alive for the 2007-08 season.

One step Sea Wolves coach Steffon Walby thinks is vital for the hockey community in South Mississippi is to have a youth hockey program in place.

He’s doing that this week as the Sea Wolves conduct a youth inline-skate hockey camp at the Harrison County Skate Park.

Walby said the camp has around 60 kids ranging from ages 4 to 15 taking part in the week-long program.

Community outreach during the two years without the Sea Wolves taking the ice is one piece of the puzzle for team management.

There’s 60 kids here,” Walby said. “That means there’s 60 adults and 60 families and season-ticket holders that know are not going anywhere.

“This is all in the general package of what we are trying to get accomplished.”

What the team is trying to get accomplished is to be up and running at full strength from the bottom of the organization to the top.

The Sea Wolves will go full steam ahead once the Stanley Cup finals are complete. Ticket sales and promotions are two of the main components to bring the team back into the league. Tickets will be available soon through Ticketmaster.

“We’ve got a small waiting list, but many people have said they want to start coming in and buying them for 2007-08,” Walby said. “If you think about it, 2007 is not that far away. We’re six months away from the end of the year. If we can double our season-ticket holders or even get 1,200 or 1,300 new ones, we’ll go in there with 2,500 season-ticket holders. That would be pretty darn good.”

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