Shields Earns Contract With Chiefs

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

The notion that the comforting cocoon of Dartmouth was a thing of the past sunk into Johnstown rookie forward Connor Shields‘ head when he looked to his left and right in the Chiefs’ dressing room and saw faces that weren’t there yesterday.

“It’s almost a revolving door,” he said. “That was an eye-opening experience. My stall-mates have changed three or four times already. All of a sudden this guy’s gone. That guy’s gone. That guy was cut the morning before you got here. It’s very good motivation.”

Shields is empathic, but even more predatory. The main reason that he’s still wearing a Chiefs jersey is that the openings he saw around him were ones he rushed to exploit.

“When it was my turn to do something, I had to do something,” he said. “If you are not doing what you are doing, you will be replaced with someone who can do it.”

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