Simon Feeling At Home In Kalamazoo

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

Hockey has never seemed more like a job to Kalamazoo forward Ben Simon.

And he’s loving every second of it.

Simon is finally getting to enjoy a little businessman’s normalcy in his transient profession.

He wakes up in his house in South Bend, Ind., around 6 a.m., fixes breakfast for his two young daughters and is out the door 45 minutes later. He catches up on phone calls during his slightly more than an hour drive to the rink.

On non-game days, he’s back home in time to sled with the neighborhood children. If there’s a game that night, he can catch a nap at his in-laws’ house in Kalamazoo. It’s not the NHL or AHL, but as far as the next best thing goes it’s a pretty cushy alternative.

“This was an easy transition. It’s so much more comfortable having the luxury of living in your own house,” he said. “If I wanted to keep playing, this is the place for me to play.”

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