Skalde To Put Lessons
He Learned As A
Player To Work

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

Jarrod Skalde attended his first NHL training camp in 1989 with the New Jersey Devils, the team that took him in the second round of the draft that season.

The Devils gave him a small binder with their logo on the cover, filled with various introductory tidbits. In the two decades since then, Skalde has kept that same binder within arm’s length, cramming it with whatever useful tips, drills and various handouts he harvested in his journey across the hockey universe.

“It’s a little crinkly, some edges are folded over,” Skalde said. “I’ve always been a guy who’s kept stuff. I’ve always wrote stuff down. I knew it’d come in handy at some point.”

Now that point is here. Skalde must figure out where in that manual it tells him how to take over an ECHL champion and keep it molded into peak form.

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