Stingrays, Fans Celebrate Kelly Cup

By Andrew Miller
The Post and Courier

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – This was one flight that Nate Kiser could tolerate.

Well, as much as a guy who doesn’t like to fly can tolerate a 4,500-mile, 15-hour plane ride.

But the hero’s welcome that Kiser and the rest of his South Carolina teammates received from about 1,000 Stingrays fans more than made up for a few anxious moments in the air.

“For all those hours I was on the flight, sweating it out, seeing all these fans here to help us celebrate the Kelly Cup makes it all worth it,” said Kiser, who has been with the Stingrays for the past five seasons. “I had a couple of the guys on the team give me a hard time about not liking to fly, but winning the Kelly Cup and skating around with it and then seeing all these fans out here, it’s just a great feeling to share this with them.”

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