Talkin’ Hockey Is
Winning Hockey For Checkers

By Lindsay Kramer Correspondent

The first thing that Charlotte Checkers forward Randy Rowe craved when he got his jaw unwired a couple of weeks ago was a cheeseburger.

That was a perfectly reasonable request since he’d been limited to a liquid diet while it was clamped shut for six or seven weeks.

The next thing he sought was a little conversation. Rowe hadn’t been able to do more than strain out a few words at a time during his healing process, and he had a lot to say.

That’s where linemates Daniel Tkaczuk and Matt Schepke came in. Rowe wanted to talk hockey, and he found that his new buddies loved to both chat and listen when it came to Xs and Os of the sport.

“You can talk all you want to talk. Some people listen. Some people don’t,” said Rowe, 29. “Right now, everyone (on the team) wants to listen. Sometimes you’re in a place, you talk, it goes in one ear, out the other.”

The important stuff is sticking in the minds of those three. That’s a main reason why Rowe began his season with 3 goals and 4 assists in his first three games back from his injury.

Of course, the way Charlotte has been scoring newcomers should pick up points almost by osmosis. The Checkers pace the ECHL with an average of 4.47 goals per game, an offensive circus that Rowe observed while recovering from the broken jaw he suffered while practicing with the AHL’s Lake Erie Monsters.

“We have a good offensive team,” he said. “Sitting in the stands, you realize how much time you have on the ice. On the ice, everything happens so fast. You never expect to jump back in and get a lot of points. It just ended up happening that way.”

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